Monthly Archives: July 2016

Jaflong, Crookes, Sheffield (62%)

Tuesday 26th July 2016. Now look here, these could well be the finest Indian restaurant toilets in Sheffield. Worthy of national consideration – if they do a national prize for restaurant toilets. I’m not saying they beat The British Oak out in Mosborough of course. Those are very special. Nevertheless, Jaflong’s are up there: Clean, […]

Cosmo, City Centre, Sheffield (42%)

Sunday 24th July 2016. Shove it in your cake hole – questions later. It’s ‘all you can eat’ frenzy-feeding, people! Questions like: Was that a bone in my chunky lime pickle? A daring new hybrid straight from the laboratory? Despite that unexplained curiosity, the pickle course proved the highlight. Musket ball bhajis scavenged from Sheffield […]

Taj Mahal, Oban (64%)

Friday 15th July 2016. At the Mackays B&B, Oban, the complimentary decanted sherry makes a welcome fillip after a seven hour drive. The oppressive mist over the bay, the unrelenting drizzle: a seaview as picturesque as the empty bottom of a sherry glass. Aperitifs dispatched, we braved the outdoor elements with intrepidity: a previous appointment […]

Rajput, Commonside, Sheffield (57%)

Saturday 9th July 2016. “You make the fire and I’ll show you something wonderful; a big ball of snow!”  (Matsuo Basho) Reduced to minimalist expression in the aftermath of a Pony Club Pool Night extravaganza… Review By Haiku Onions, chilli jam, mango chutney, raita. Failed lime pickle crop. Tame onion bhajis: Jagged balls; greasy gizzards. […]

Balti King, Broomhill, Sheffield (55%)

Saturday 2nd July 2016. It was a long trek back up The Moor: out-manoeuvring the dazed and demented; side-stepping the prancing pom-pom girls amidst a thrumming cacophony. I remember my face in the International Chinese Barber’s mirror, those black eye-clouds, that wasted look. Could have flopped in Shear Illusionz disused doorway and earned a few […]

International Hair Salon, The Moor, Sheffield (0%)

Saturday 2nd July 2016. “Never sit with your back to a green curtain. It always turns out badly.” (Phillip Marlowe) Well I ain’t nursing no grievous results of a billy club sapping, but I ain’t doing somersaults either. I don’t know who pulled them and when but those green curtains had my back alright, somewhere […]