Rajput, Commonside, Sheffield (57%)


Saturday 9th July 2016.

“You make the fire
and I’ll show you something wonderful;
a big ball of snow!”  (Matsuo Basho)

Reduced to minimalist expression in the aftermath of a Pony Club Pool Night extravaganza…

Review By Haiku

Onions, chilli jam,
mango chutney, raita.
Failed lime pickle crop.

Tame onion bhajis:
Jagged balls; greasy gizzards.
Drowned them in chutney.

Tandoori king prawns:
fine, sizzling, carmine morsels.
Only three of them.

Vindaloo heatwave;
spuds too. One dimensional.
Skippy’s Yellow pond.

Garlic flecked naan bread.
Skinny, puffless, dipping tool.
Waiter’s old loin cloth.

Lassi claret jug.
Mango glut table spillage.
Bring your own liquor.

Empty restaurant,
yet four plonked beside. Grandad,
see that pet rabbit…

Laggardly service.
Wrong prawn starter. Waiters buzz.
Fly on the window.

Superior bogs.
Tiled swank. Chipboard cubicle.
Long lavish sprinkle.

Takeaway standard.
Cross chat contamination.
No towels. Fifty notes.

rajput new

Judge ‘Gonzo’ Pickles
Fred ‘Skippy’ Pickles



  1. Andy ' thinking of the joint ' clarke · · Reply

    Get yourself down to morrisons cafe , the currys are a delight and you can do the weekly at the same time! Also sure they sell lime pickle and the staff would open it for you!


  2. A disappointing visit. We were the first customers of the evening, seated in the window. Whilst tucking into our pickle tray the second group of cistomers, a party of 4, arrived. In a completely empty restaurant it was rather galling that they were seated on the table right next to us. As a restaurant, just why would you do this? Every word of their conversation (including tales of the pet rabbit) were there to be unavoidably heard. Our order wasn’t taken until after we had finished the pickle tray, leading to a wait for the starter, and when the Judge’s arrived, it was wrong, so into my bhaji he tucked. When it did arrived it was on the sparse side, only 3, count em, prawns.

    A long enough delay for the main too, not really acceptable with only two tables on the go. But at least there was next doors chat…


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