Monthly Archives: August 2016

Ashoka, Ecclesall Road, Sheffield (61%)

Saturday 27th August 2016. I recommend making a reservation. Walk-ins are turned away or, at a push, offered 50 minutes. Even complacent onlookers who’ve booked only get 90 minutes. Even those with rain-drenched trouser bottoms. By chance we got a booth. Otherwise you’re squeezed in next to fellow diners, almost sharing the same table. It’s […]

Urban Choola, London Road, Sheffield (70%)

Saturday 20th August 2016. Nolens Volens may sound like a hip new Belgian signing warming a Premiership subs bench but actually it’s only a bit of Latin which means ‘whether one wants to or not’. My weekly curry crusades seem to be taking on a certain nolens volens aspect, you could say. One fears for […]

Akbar’s, City Centre, Sheffield (70%)

Friday 12th August 2016. “Well you can swing it you can groove it You can really start to move it at The Hop” (Danny & The Juniors) Certainly there’s opportunity for stride swings and false scissors on the pommel horse seating in The Hop. Though for Team Curry it was mainly just bum Squats, which […]

Amontola, Richmond, North Yorkshire (64%)

Saturday 6th August 2016. Hazel Irvine’s Gorbals granny;  Tower Hamlets Aunty Grotbags; Green lycra Hattie Jacques. Terry Pratchett’s “Wyrd Sisters”, Richmond’s Georgian Theatre. One of those “riotous romps” you hear about: thin material tortuously plotted, hammy desperation prompting forced guffaws; just missing a Duncan Norvelle cameo… Somebody chase me (…out of the theatre)!  Felt every […]

Mangla, Spital Hill, Sheffield (73%)

Friday 5th August 2016. Let me tell you, when Big Daddy sends up his e-cig smoke clouds signalling a curry night you know for sure there’ll be a rag-tag bunch of braves in bath towels giving it the Red Indian war cry somewhere in the Sheffield district… It’s fast becoming a familiar trudge via the […]