Monthly Archives: October 2016

Rama’s Bridge, Crookes, Sheffield (67%)

Saturday 29th October 2016. There’s an old Sufi story about a man, walking along the dark side of a road, who accidentally drops his house keys. Uncertain what to do, the man crosses the road and starts looking for them under a lamppost. A curious bystander asks him why he doesn’t look for them where […]

The Benjamin Huntsman (JD Wetherspoon), City Centre, Sheffield (51%)

Thursday 27th October 2016. I would have gone Netanyahu myself. If I had to name a Benjamin. No disrespect to the eponymous Sheffield industrialist, of course. On a bleak Welsh cottage holiday back in 2011 Skippy and I named a rather persistent housefly ‘Benjamin Netanyahu’. He hung around for a few days in the high […]

Cinnamon, Scarborough (58%)

Saturday 22nd October 2016. When the Buddha sits at the end of your garden path serenely decapitated, it feels like something sinister. I inspected the jaggedly severed neck stump, peered into the hollow torso – empty, of course. Buddha hate crime? Or, did someone take Zen Master Linji’s instruction too literally: “If you meet the […]

The Vine, Mosborough, Sheffield (65%)

Friday 14th October 2016. Oh the life of an Edwardian duchess… ferried hither and thither in one’s regal chariot, offering the riff-raff a pouty acknowledgement. Didn’t that man once scrape my boots at Ascot? I idly pondered. Dung for his hearth I suppose. Quite covered in it we were. Poor Titty – impossibly scatological. Titty […]

Shapla, The Moor, Sheffield (64%)

Saturday 8th October 2016. Eddie Charlton defeats Kirk Stevens with a majestically dispatched black in The Common Room pool comp final on Saturday night… But, let’s face it, this wasn’t about a long afternoon of breaking balls. Just a joyous reunion of famous has-beens. Wonderful, for instance, to witness Fred Davis and Tony Knowles comparing […]

Shalimar, Harrogate (49%)

Saturday 1st October 2016. To open I had a sweet bit of scene-setting gallimaufry, including the Bruce Forsythe rap… Trashed. Mr Combustible of Harrogate, proprietor of Shalimar Indian restaurant, put paid to that. (Last in Hargreaves’ Mr Men series – a nightmarish aberration mercifully suppressed by the publishing house.) “You’re too vocal. Upsetting my guests. […]