The Dignified Demeanour Of Brian The Lion


Friday 4th November 2016.

Back to the magnificent 7 (7 Spices, City Centre, Sheffield). Still one of my choicest despite its lowly scoring back in April. The very acme for ambience, in my opinion; and in Brian Preston, you have a gem and a gent. Magicked some lime pickle out of nowhere to crown a delectable pickle tray. (“Why didn’t you tell me?” Hinting at something faintly contraband for our next visit). Not forgetting his insouciant mastery of the calypso coffee. Pours that creamy head at your table like a flamboyant orchestral maestro (garnering wild encores). Never mind that ill-timed honk sounded from the nether regions of the brass section.



  1. Ashley · · Reply

    No scores?


  2. Glad you asked. After careful reflection I’ve decided on a one year moratorium between score casting on the same restaurant. Avoids flooding the blog with a patchwork of results for one place.


  3. […] London, Newcastle, Spital Hill… Some triumphs, some white elephants. Some beautiful people ( The Dignified Demeanour…); the odd nutter […]


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