Monthly Archives: December 2016

The Gonzos

Saturday 24th December 2016. Ho ho ho and a bottle of rum/Sheffield gin/Japanese whisky/ginseng & grapefruit (whatever your tipple basically) – festive tidings to one and all! And a toasty keema pie and hot toddy welcome to The Gonzos – my end of Year curry awards. It’s been a testing journey across land and sea […]

Chutney, Gleadless, Sheffield (59%)

Saturday 17th December 2016. Chutney was one of the ten Indian restaurants shortlisted for this year’s Sheffield Star Curry House of The Year Award. City centre big names like Akbar’s glaring omissions on a list of parochial independents. A shot in the arm for local businesses I’m guessing. Speaking of strung-out junkies, watched “Man With […]

Kashmir, Morley Street, Bradford (57%)

Monday 12th December 2016. I overheard about this man, indeterminate age, who driving with his wife, released his safety belt, opened the passenger door, and fell out in an untidy tumble. He rolled and rolled into the grass verge. What thoughts, I wonder, rolled and rolled in his rolling head until rolling and thinking stopped […]

Butlers Balti, City Centre, Sheffield (43%)

Friday 2nd December 2016. As the year races to its conclusion, and life to its end, momentarily, here we found ourselves. I mean, in location – Butlers Balti. Not, of course, suggesting anyone ‘found themselves’, which, let’s face it, is just flimflam straight out the funny pages. From what I’ve heard, having ultimately learned there […]