Monthly Archives: June 2017

Prithiraj, Ecclesall Road, Sheffield (53%)

Friday 23rd June 2017. It was a case of the evening after the night before. The considerable achievements of a considerable career honoured with a considerable buffet and a considerable number of beers. At midnight, I hailed a cab, heading back to a distant land of sobriety and wellbeing. A considerable journey. Somewhere adrift of that […]

Rajdhani, Dore Station, Sheffield (64%)

Saturday 3rd June 2017. Of course, come the pivotal moments, the salient dramatic action, it’s swords and daggers – the text demands it – yet otherwise they’re toting guns; choppers overhead. Is this 1st century BC Rome, or what? I asked myself. We can work out the contemporary parallels ourselves; don’t have to spell it […]