Category Pickles Strays (Sheffield)

Rajdhani, Dore Station, Sheffield (64%)

Saturday 3rd June 2017. Of course, come the pivotal moments, the salient dramatic action, it’s swords and daggers – the text demands it – yet otherwise they’re toting guns; choppers overhead. Is this 1st century BC Rome, or what? I asked myself. We can work out the contemporary parallels ourselves; don’t have to spell it […]

Tikka Masala, Walkley, Sheffield (63%)

Tuesday 25th April 2017. “Your kids will love this place! It is so engaging for children. I highly recommend it. The only thing that we noticed is that some fish had a kind of infection and looked sick.” That’s a TripAdvisor review of “Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada”, by the way. Which is in Toronto, where […]

Aagrah, City Centre, Sheffield (65%)

Friday 21st April 2017. “I believe that the spirits are your parents and their parents and their parents and their parents and they are in your bloodstream, and they run through your body constantly. Because they want you to live on, because they want to live on. And they’re trying all the time to tell […]

Cutlers Spice, Gleadless, Sheffield, (53%)

Friday 24th February 2017. Indian restaurant review number 25 – in Sheffield that is. I was targeting a total of 50 at one stage in the full heat of my madness. Now I’m not sure I even have a target. I want to sit in the summer house more often: the wendy shed at the […]


Friday 13th January 2017. “If I know the world, which is doubtful, but if I do, I know it is chaotic, mean and vicious, with laws cast in the wrong moulds, a fair conception gone awry, in short an awful place, and yet, and yet a place capable of glory in those rare moments when […]

Kebabish, Wicker, Sheffield (68%)

Saturday 7th January 2017. The next morning, 8am, I’m slumped in the bath tub. I had a hangover and I was reading Bukowski’s “Pulp”. He was saying, “Sometimes I thought about my liver, but my liver never spoke up, it never said, ‘Stop it, you’re killing me and I’m going to kill you!’ If we […]

Chutney, Gleadless, Sheffield (59%)

Saturday 17th December 2016. Chutney was one of the ten Indian restaurants shortlisted for this year’s Sheffield Star Curry House of The Year Award. City centre big names like Akbar’s glaring omissions on a list of parochial independents. A shot in the arm for local businesses I’m guessing. Speaking of strung-out junkies, watched “Man With […]